Acqua Cureators

The Acqua "Cure"ators are a dynamic team who bring to life 20 plus years and expert experience in plant-based formulations rooted in their passion for inspiring a better, healthier and happier life for their clients. Live younger, live healthier and live happier with AcquaCures, The Inspiring Organic Botanical Beauty & LifeStyle Brand.
Mariah Giunta, spa lifestylist coach & holistic beauty expert is the Creative Visionary of the brand. From the collections inception Mariah has served as the muse for each formula through her partner and husband Parris Giunta's exceptional curative and creative formulas. Together they have successfully created a brand of distinction and quality that is unmatched in natural skincare. Mariah personally ensures each product is beautiful to experience, alluring to the touch and exceptional when it comes to achieving true skin and body cures for a lifetime...
Parris Giunta, master plant-based formulator, mixologist and cosmeceutical expert with 30 plus years in the natural beauty industry is the Brands Originator. Parris brings together his foundation and knowledge from his early career of living in Brittany, France as an apprentice under one of the most renowned European Phytochemist of our time. Parris masterfully blends his plant-based formulation knowledge with his gift as a Natural Alchemist. Thousands of women and men have enjoyed his result oriented topical cures over the years and rave about the unbelievable transformations they experience with his creations.