Is CBD Right for your Skin?

Is CBD right for your Skin?

What if your skin could benefit from Zero THC CBD formulas? Would you be ready for topicals and tinctures that contain none of the psychoactive compound THC which creates the cannabis “high?”


CBD another chapter in plant-based cures...


The Source of CBD

CBD short for Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid, a compound found in cannabis plants. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of phytochemicals (natural plant-based chemicals) known as terpenoids. Phytochemicals are actually found in all plants, fruits and flowers and they provide much of their taste, smell, personality and active qualities. CBD was originally discovered in1940.


Although CBD is derived from the Hemp Cannabis plant, CBD shouldn’t be confused with skincare simply formulated with "Hemp seed oil." Hemp Seed Oil does provide extensive skin benefits yet it is not categorized as CBD.


CBD is a cannabanoid which helps regulate homeostasis (a dynamic state of equilibrium) in the human body. In fact, our bodies have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS)—something that was discovered by researchers just over 30 years ago.


In other words, the human body is literally engineered to be balanced and healed by CBD.Taken internally, CBD has scientifically shown benefits for inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression as well as other conditions. It’s also been shown to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells by some research.


CBD, a Stunning list of Skin Benefits

So how exactly does CBD help the skin? CBD regulates almost 150 genes that affect skin’s function. Researchers have discovered that CBD can, when properly absorbed by the skin:

● Enhance wound healing

● Reduce pain caused by inflammatory skin conditions

● Rich in Vitamin E CBD can be a skin protectant

● Improve the integrity of the epidermal barrier

● Slow skin aging

● Normalize the activity of oil glands and balance oily skin

● Protect skin from free radicals when exposed to environmental stressors like pollution and excess UV light

● Accelerate cellular renewal, calm skin inflammations such as acne, redness, hyperpigmentation, scarring, bruising and eczema

Minimize the spread of damaged cells and promotes the regeneration of new skin cells

● Improve lipid skin hydration

How CBD interacts with skin once it's absorbed

The performance of CBD in most commercial skin care products isn’t yet living up to its potential because CBD can only deliver its beneficial effects under ideal conditions. The ultra-purity of the extract from its source, to the extraction method used, to the concentration of CBD in a product, and how the product is formulated with proper "delivery systems" to communicate with the skins physiology—these points greatly define the difference in effective CBD skin care formulation.


Trust the Science

Be sure to use lab tested CBD formulas from a trusted skin care source, one that understands how to integrate this remarkable ingredient into world-class effective formulas. And together we’ll start another incredible new chapter in the amazing story of plant-based healing...


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