As we close the chapter to the great memories we've made this summer, it's important to stop for a moment...

to honor the real beauty of summer

and all the lovely gifts naturally bestowed upon us...

Like the guilt-free napping outdoors after reading a great chapter from this summers favorite book.

I enjoyed several books this summer and even went back to

reading magazines to avoid the constant contact with my Ipad or mobile device.


My favorite new magazine reads this summer included: edible


This gorgeous foodie & lifestyle magazine includes all your very best local resources for farm fresh everything, organic, sustainable, handcrafted, rare and delicious stuff to

EAT . DRINK . READ & THINK about...

The magazine is beautifully presented and features stunning photo's with enriching articles that spark a true feast for the eyes, the intellect and the palate.


With over 75 publications featuring communities from all over the nation from Brooklyn to Portlandia, each magazine is rich with treasure...


I especially love the bursts of inspiration that motivate you to plan something unusual like a block party where everyone on the block adds their touch to a long table of handcrafted and garden fresh foods by sharing their freshly picked fruit & veggies, homemade baked goods, jams, oils, chocolates, coffees and more...


Find your local Edible Community Magazine and if you don't find one near you, you can simply sign-up and create one...


Read this beauty before summer ends:


Here are a few of my favorite summer images from our summer visits, you can see more on my INSTAGRAM page. Join me on instagram @ TheSpaLifeStylista