Welcome home July, It's been a year since we've seen eachother and boy have we missed you!

summer girl

July, the month of parades, picnics, glamping, beach days, palm trees, paradise, vacations, staycations, getaways and celebrations, including celebrating the great beauty of the USA!


Poems have even been written about this epic summer month, a great deal of fun happens in July in addition to the "fun facts" including this gorgeous Water Lily that represents the flower of the month of July, it grows wild in the Amazonian Rain Forest and in my mind exudes the exotic beauty of what should be an untamed summer schedule, doesn't it make you just forget all about work and all the hum drum of the day to day when you look at its lush, rare opulence...

water lily

It reminds me this is the month to take a moment and slow it down, relax, be carefree yet plan some fabulous & exciting adventure while we can...

A getaway, a staycation or simply a fresh outlook and view that life is really as free and simple as we allow it to be!


Either way wherever I go, it will be somewhere warm and in the sun and whether it's poolside, traveling or glamping...



These will be words to live by this July...


and these will be my savior summer spa products on the go, they go with me every July to soothe, calm, relax and cure my spirit, mind and body wherever I venture...

Summer on the go "spa product" # 1: relaxation tuberose soy candle

tuberose organic soy candle

Summer Spa Product on the go #2: organic sugar glow

Organic Coconut body glow

Summer Spa on the go Product #3: hydrate sea mineral mister


Stay tuned for more summer goodness to come. Happy July, may you have a lovely kick-off to summer 2014!



*Glamping and *Words to Live By-image credit: