As a holistic Skin Care Specialist it always surprises me how few of us “winterize” our skin care regimen along with our nutritional choices. For some reason most of us will struggle through winter skin, hand & body dryness or irritation using our regular skincare routine, usually blaming our skin or age... When facing outdoors regularly the challenge is even greater thanks to frigid cold, dry arid climates and mountain air. These are some simple nutritional cures that will keep you glowing, no matter what winter brings you... WINTER NUTRITION Healthy fats are essential to healthy skin. During the new year resolution promises we make of a “low fat” craze, we notice skin looking dull, irritated and dry. Fortunately, we’ve now learned that good fats play an important role in maintaining skin health. A daily dose of healthy fats that includes plenty of Omega-3 rich foods, such as fatty seafood like salmon, sardines and lake trout; nuts like walnuts and coconuts as snacks; and a generous amount of organic, freshly pressed avocado & olive oils drizzled on meals or taken daily by tablespoon will all help nourish your skin from the inside out. Also, important to learn: consuming lots of raw fruits and vegetables in the wintertime is not really how nature intended us to eat throughout winter. Eating food that’s "in-season" supports our health. Arguably not the best “healthy” food for winter well-being is probably a cold icy fruit smoothie, reach for warm nutritional organic herbal drinks & teas rather than raw fruits and vegetables which are thought to “cool” the body (that’s Eastern medicine talking). Instead, choose produce that actually grows in the winter, including arugula, spinach, kale and other dark leafy greens to add to your warm stew and soups. Root vegetables like onions, garlic and sweet potatoes roasted or steamed will also support seasonal well-being, as will as legumes like lentil and bean chilis. Warm soups and stews don’t just qualify as winters “comfort” foods, they’re truly healthy nourishing foods for curing winter skin blues... -The Acqua Cures, Inspiring Botanical Team Visit us @