BALANCE detox mineral mist 2oz

purifying thyme & eucalyptus
mineral rich seawater mist
ORGANICURES™ Contain over 75% Certified Organic Ingredients

Receive a burst of refreshing energy from the ocean while balancing & correcting excess oiliness, acne
and skin congestion.

  • Purifying essential oils of Thyme, Sage and Eucalyptus help clear skin breakouts, congestion and reduce oily skin
  • The perfect skin refresher, soothing & cooling mist after a shave or anytime to help balance excess faciial oil
  • As a facial toner: shake well. mist directly to skin, remove excess with an organic cotton pad after facial cleansing, exfoliating, masking or post-workout

As a Skin Booster:

Blend other skin products in with this mist or simply mist face throughout the day to refresh and purify skin
Use with AcquaCures® FANGO deep pore cleanse & exfoliator for additionally oil balancing and acne correction

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