FANGO Sea Clay Mud Deep Pore Exfoliator 1 oz.


sea clay & peppermint

deep pore exfoliator & cleanse
A “must-have” product for every skin care regimen and skin type. This miraculous exfoliating ocean mud acts as both a deep pore cleanser and skin exfoliator while deeply hydrating and remineralizing skin cells for a younger, clearer and more supple appearance. Excellent for all skin types, especially severe acne and skin dehydration.

  • FANGO, lifts the dull surface layers of old dead skin cells while reaching deeper to clear pores of congestion and blemishes, revealing a new and clearer complexion

Use with Face & Body Nutrients for Maximum Results

BOTANICURES™ Contain Highly Active Botanical Concentrates

   Reviews: (5)
  • Lindsay

    Excellent Results! Must Have! Truly Amazing! My Favorite!

  • Julie

    I have used this product for about 8 years now and wouldn't be without it. I use it about every two weeks and can't believe how my skin feels afterward. It's so smooth and soft. I honestly have never found a product that makes this big of an immediate difference in my skin. When I apply it to my face, I also use it on my neck. My method that works best is that I wash my face as normal, pat dry, then apply the fango mud to my damp skin, spreading liberally around to my hairline. I wait a minute or two, then add a small amount of water using my fingertips. I gently massage my skin in circular motion. I then can feel the dead skin coming off of my face! Then I rinse it off thoroughly with warm water and can feel a nice tingle on my skin. The whole application takes less then five minutes. I'm a mom of two small children, so I can't spend a lot of time on beauty routines. This mud is truly an amazing product!

  • Crystal

    Must Have! Truly Amazing! Cured my Skin!

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