HYDRA Omega 3 seawater hydrating mist 2oz.

hydrating sandalwood & basil
mineral rich seawater mist
ORGANICURES™ Contain over 75% Certified Organic Ingredients


Energized Seawater and a blend of ultra-hydrating essential oils make this the perfect combination for
softening dry, dehydrated skin.

A natural delivery system of pure seawater deeply infuses skin cells with
minerals, unveiling a brighter more radiant complexion.

  • This formula encourages natural moisture from within the skin while creating a vibrant hydrated glow. Rapidly restores your skins natural beauty any time of day or night
  • As a facial toner: shake well. mist directly to skin, remove excess with an organic cotton pad after facial cleansing, exfoliating, masking or post-workout

As a Skin Booster:

Blend other skin products in with this mist or simply mist face throughout the day to refresh and hydrate skin
Follow with AcquaCures® HYDRASILK organic coconut facial crème for more hydrating benefits!

   Reviews: (2)
  • Christie

    Excellent Results!

  • Christie

    I am absolutely obsessed with this product. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning before I even have coffee is mist my face with this product. I instantly feel hydrated, uplifted, serene, and invigorated all at once! I actually say "aahhhh" right after misting! True, it's that good!!

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