HydRadiance Apple Stem Cell Hyaluronic Creme 1 oz.


apple stem cell extract

firming hyaluronic skin crème

BOTANICURES™ Contain abundant botanical actives

Awaken your skin cells naturally with a blend of Apple Fruit Stem Cell Extract and Hyaluronic Acid for a topical, firming & super-hydrating treatment. A unique Apple Stem Cell Therapy crème features the dynamic duo action of encouraging healthier cell formation to create vibrant cells while Hyaluronic Acid noticeably lifts, plumps and deeply hydrates all skin types. A luxurious formula to help improve skin tone, firmness and promote a more youthful appearance. This crème helps nurture skin proteins and lipids responsible for restoring the skin to unveil a new glowing radiance.

Begin with an application of nutrient rich AcquaCures® Serum such as OMEGA 3 Silk Lipid Serum layer throughout face & neck, under eyes and on lips.

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